Coronavirus (2019-nCoV China)

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Coronavirus - do protective masks prevent WHO 2019-nCoV (so-called 2019-nCoV China) coronavirus infection?

Basic principles of protection against Coronavirus

The most effective form of protection against coronavirus (also known as COVID-19 chinese or 2019-nCoV China) is obviously not exposing yourself to any contact with the virus. However, to increase security, when we travel, for example, by public transport, or we are away from home, the use of anti-virus masks can reduce the risk of infection by up to several dozen percent! Use masks with the highest protection class N100 or N95 (FFP3, FFP2).

Buy a protective mask (face mask, antivirus mask)

Wash your hands often

Do not touch the mouth and nose with dirty hands

Avoid crowded places

If you notice any disturbing symptoms, seek medical attention

Avoid contact with patients (on Coronavirus and others)



Anti-Viral masks - effective protection against coronavirus (COVID-19 chinese)

Coronawirus is taking a growing toll, over 800 fatalities have already been reported. More and more people are looking for a way to avoid infection with a dangerous virus, one of the most effective is the use of protective masks (antivirus mask). Good hygiene, avoiding crowded places and using an antiviral mask can effectively prevent coronavirus infection.

Coronavirus (also 2019-nCoV China), smog - what other uses are protective masks

Protective masks have various uses, they protect against bacteria, viruses, including coronavirus, as well as against smog, harmful dusts, and chemical substances. There are the following types of protective masks:

  • antibacterial mask
  • protective dust mask
  • anti-virus mask (so-called anti-virus mask)
  • protective mask with filters
  • medical protective mask
  • cosmetic protective mask
  • safety mask
  • protective mask for grinding
  • bts protective masks

Depending on the type, you can use protective masks in daily activities or as protection against air pollution, bacteria or viruses. Much depends on the protection class, e.g. FFP2 94% - corresponds to American class N95 (95%), and FFP3 99% is equivalent to N100 (99.97%). Protective pedicure mask, protective sanding mask, protective mouth and nose mask, medical mask are used in the daily work of medical personnel, beauticians, construction workers, miners, metallurgists. Protective masks of this type are usually disposable and must be replaced daily to protect the respiratory tract effectively. Disposable protective masks are a great way to safely perform everyday professional duties and effective protection against smog or coronavirus.

Anti-Viral face masks - how to choose a good mask?

The increasingly polluted air and the coronavirus epidemic have led more and more people to pay attention to the Asian protective masks that more and more residents of Chinese provinces wear. Protective masks can be bought at many online and stationary stores as pharmacy, eBay, Amazon, Leroy Merlin, Castorama.

It is worth knowing that protective masks have special markings that indicate the degree of protection and the intended use of the product. Protective masks FFP2 or protective masks N95 are the most effective when it comes to protection against dangerous coronavirus. On the other hand, the 3m protective mask with the FFP3 designation is perfect for working with chemicals and hazardous dusts. It is also worth taking care of your loved ones and buy protective masks for children that effectively protect the respiratory tract. An FFP2 certified antiviral mask is the best way to effectively protect against coronavirus infection. The use of a protective mask for the nose and face also allows you to protect the respiratory tract from smog, polluted air. The antiviral mask will work in the event of an outbreak of coronavirus and other viral and bacterial infections. A protective mask with a carbon filter is the best choice for people living in very polluted places.

Protective mouth masks - don't get sick, use the antivirus mask!

Protective mouth masks, protective masks for children are the best way to protect the respiratory tract against pollution and dangerous coronavirus. Before buying, check the properties of individual protective, antiviral, antibacterial, cosmetic, medical and dust masks. Discover our offer of high quality protective masks that comply with European and American standards (protection class n95, n100 and their equivalents) and at a very attractive price. Coronavirus symptoms are very similar to influenza, choose a specialized antiviral mask and protect yourself against the dangerous 2019-nCoV China virus.

Protective masks for coronavirus are the most popular and easiest way to reduce the possibility of infection. Don't wait - stock up on an anti-virus mask as soon as possible!

Coronavirus - latest information

By February 7, 2020, there were 31,503 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection (2019-nCoV). 638 people died. The virus from Asia has reached Europe, as well as North America and Australia. Coronavirus 2019-nCoV is a real threat - protect yourself!

Protective face and nose masks - why you should protect your respiratory system against Coronavirus (China CoronaVirus COVID-19)


The antivirus masks we offer are products of different classes of FFP - FFP1, FFP2, FFP3 (equivalents N95 and N100), which depending on the degree of protection can retain over 99% of particles in the air.


Prices of anti-viral face masks depend on the protection class. Disposable masks are a small cost, while investing in a mask with a respirator of the highest protection class is a larger investment.


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The main benefit of using face masks is greater safety against coronavirus. Health care is a priority in this case.

Can stop: Coronavirus

Check the degree of protection most commonly used to determine the mask protection class:

N95  = FFP2 
N100 = FFP3

2019-nCoV China affects more and more people, protect your health and your loved ones. Get a protective mask! Antivirus mask N100 (class FFP3) is the best protection class.

Don't wait - Coronavirus is a real threat!

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