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The filtering half mask is intended for single use in harmful conditions up to 8 hours. In the event of breathing problems caused by high concentrations of harmful substances, replace the mask with a new one. The protective mask consists of a filtering material, a nasal clamp, tapes and their attachment, an exhalation valve, a nasal seal and an internal insert, which significantly improves the mask’s tightness. The filtering half mask is the highest standard of protection absorbing 99.95% of air particles, which is why it works well during soldering, welding, and also prevents coronavirus infection.

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Filtering half mask X 310 SV 30xNDS No. d with valve class FFP3

Protective mask of the highest standard designed to protect against the harmful effects of substances irritating to the respiratory tract during soldering and welding. A high level of protection also works as a means of preventing droplet infections in this dangerous coronavirus. The filtering half mask complies with the European standard EN 149: 2001+ A1: 2009. It effectively protects the respiratory tract and is comfortable to use.


The protective mask is designed to protect against the harmful effects of substances such as dust containing cadmium, arsenic, radium, nickel, antimony, beryllium, as well as radioactive particles. In addition, the high FFP3 standard provides effective protection against bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus. A filtering half mask is recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization) as a means of preventing coronavirus infection. Protective mask does not cause skin irritation and has no harmful effect on health.