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The innovative protective mask with respirator consists of a profiled nasal plate, chin strap, tape, exhalation valve, pressed upper panel. The respirator with a respirator is based on a modern 3-panel construction that adapts to the face, ensuring comfort of use and effective protection against harmful substances and viruses that are pathogenic, such as coronavirus.

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3M Aura 9312+ respirator mask, class FFP1

The protective mask manufactured in Great Britain is one of the most effective and at the same time comfortable products for respiratory protection. The special design of the mask allows to retain up to 80% of air particles caused by metal processing, construction works, substances used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, and also prevents infection with dangerous coronavirus. The respirator with a respirator complies with the European standard EN 149: 2001+ A1: 2009, which ensures effectiveness in the fight against pathogenic bacteria and viruses.


The specially developed construction of the protective mask provides excellent protection against harmful substances and bacterial and viral infections, including coronavirus. The filtering half mask effectively protects the respiratory tract when working at high temperatures and high humidity. It also works well in adverse, foggy weather. A modern protective mask with a respirator also protects against drip infection, including coronavirus, and at the same time does not cause breathing problems, provides a very good field of view and allows you to speak freely. The protective mask does not irritate the skin and has no negative effect on health.