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The protective mask belongs to single-use products. It has a universal size and adapts to the shape of the face, which significantly affects the comfort of use. The protective face mask consists of two layers of polypropylene and a stable and comfortable attachment to elastic bands. The product is sold in bulk packaging – 50 pieces. Protective surgical mask effectively protects during medical and cosmetic procedures and protects against droplet infection, including coronavirus.

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Protective face mask 2 in 1 – 50 pieces

A protective face mask designed for the medical and cosmetics industry perfectly protects the mouth and nose during performed procedures. The mask will also work as a protective measure against pathogenic infections, including dangerous coronavirus. The product has been classified as PPE Personal Protective Equipment.


The protective face mask is perfect as a simple and effective means of protecting the respiratory tract during medical and cosmetic procedures as well as protection against bacteria and viruses that are dangerous to health, including coronavirus. It protects the respiratory tract during accidental touch of the lips during performed procedures.